What is ROV?

Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) is a tethered mobile robot commonly used to perform dangerous missions accommodating submarine industries such as offshore hydrocarbon extraction and subsea installations construction beside the military and scientific services. And due to the sophisticated design of the ROV, it can maneuver easily in the deep oceans.

ROVs might use thrusters to move from a point to another and develop some sort of a vision depending on the sensory systems to decide the perfect actions, as they may be equipped with LIDAR, SONAR, or Camera.

What is Egypt ROV competition?

MATE Egypt ROV competition is an annual regional competition held in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) for the interested undergrads in the remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV). As the ROVs perform specific underwater missions according to the rules and the competition guidelines. The competition was firstly launched in 2012 by Delta Square International LLC in association with the AASTMT.

This competition is a regional round to qualify the winners for the international competition organized by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center and MATE Inspiration for Innovation to represent Egypt at MATE International ROV Competition.